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Information Literacy Tutorials and Activities: Home

This page includes links to background information, articles, activities and other tools to teach Information Literacy

Instruction Requests

To schedule an information literacy/library instruction session in your class, at the library's computer lab or online (via skype, zoom), contact Silas Marques, JWL's Reference/Instruction/Off-Campus Services librarian -; phone: 6263.

Writing Style Guides

  • OWL Purdue Writing and Citation Sources
  • Writers Handbook
  • Andrews University Standards for Written Work (13th edition)

Call Numbers

  • Understanding Call Numbers

Google Searching

  • Sharpen Your (Google) Search Skills
  • Advanced Power Searching with Google
  • Googling for Answers
  • When to use Google?

Evaluation of Social Media Information Sources

  • Evaluating Web Content
  • Evaluating Information Found on the Internet

Literature Rviews

  • An Overview for Graduate Students


  • Wikipedia: Beneath the Surface
  • Using Wikipidia for Research
  • Using Wikipidia for Academic Research
  • Activity: Reference Sources as Background Information

Evaluating Information

  • Finding Reliable Scholarly Research
  • Five Criteria for Evaluating Web Pages - Cornell University
  • Using Weird News to Teach About Verifying Information on the Web
  • Scholarly Information - University of Pittsburgh
  • Determine the Best Resources
  • Books and Periodicals
  • Critical Evaluation of Information
  • Web page Evaluation - Subdomain vs Domain

Peer Review and Scholarly Journals

  • About Peer Review Journals
  • Peer Review in Five Minutes
  • Main Features of Scholarly Journal Articles
  • How to Read Scientific Research Articles: A hands-On Classroom Exercise
  • Quick Tutorial on Reading Scientific papers from Purdue University Libraries
  • Anatomy of a Scholarly Article from NC State University Libraries
  • Types of Periodicals
  • From Idea to Library


  • RAILS Rubric Assessment of Information Literacy Skills
  • Information Literacy Assessment - West Chester University Library
  • Information Literacy Skills Critical to Student Success - Developing Assessments to Promote Positive Student Learning Outcomes
  • Assessment, Feedback, Rubrics

Information Literacy Games

  • Choose Your Own Library Adventure - Snowden Library
  • Information Literacy Games LibGuide
  • Gaming & Academic Libraries
  • Citation Relay

Plagiarism Avoidance and Prevention

Plagiarism Tutorial                                                              Seven Ways to Break the Binge Writing Habit

Goblin Threat                                                                      Academic Integrity Tutorial

What is Plagiarism                                                              Z. Smith Reynolds Library - Plagiarism Tutorial

Avoiding Plagiarism                                                             

Academic Dishonesty

Academic Research and Plagiarism

Ethics for Authors Pamphlet (UAB)

Citation Information and Activities

MLA Blaster

Citation Game

Citation Sources

Selecting Access Tools and the Why's, When's, and How's of Citing our Sources

Cite it Right

Deconstructing Citations Tutorial

Why You Need to Cite

Citation Guides with Examples

Citation Games


Reference / Database / Off-campus Services Librarian

Profile Photo
Silas Marques
Room 222, Main Floor, James White Library
(269) 471-6263


  • Information Literacy
  • Final Cut
  • Instructional Videos
  • Talking to Databases
  • Bill and AI: Bill Finds Research Relief


Key-word Searching

  • Search Strategy Builder
  • From Question to Keyword
  • How to Search a Database

Google Scholar

  • Research Guide to Google Scholar
  • Research Tutorial on Using Google Scholar
  • Google Scholar Tutorial
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Google Scholar

Information Formats, Value and the Information Cycle

  • Information Needs, Types, and Qualities