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Library Resources for Graduate Psychology & Counseling: Book/E-book Collections

A comprehensive collection of resources for graduate students on topics such as early childhood to adulthood, school counseling, clinical mental health counseling, educational and school psychology

General Reference Resources

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Books and multimedia resources in the James White Library are organized by subject according to the Library of Congress system.  If you would like to browse the shelves, resources for counseling and psychology may be found in the following Library of Congress subject headings.  


BF1 - BF990



BF173 - BF175.5



BF176 - BF176.5


Psychological Tests and Testing

BF180 - BF198.7


Experimental Psychology

BF636 - BF637


Applied Psychology

LB1050.9 - LB1091


Educational Psychology

BF699 - BF711


Genetic Psychology

BF697 - BF 697.5


Differential Psychology , Individuality, Self

BF712 - BF724.85


Developmental Psychology Including Infant, Child, Adolescence, Adulthood

BF309 - BF499


Consciousness. Cognition Including Learning, Attention, Comprehension, Memory, Thought & Thinking, Psycholinguistics

BF207 - BF209



BF501 - BF505 Motivation


Other Ebook Sources