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MSSN561 Working Bibliography: Secondary Sources

Proper citation

Journal Article


Walsh, M. J. (2007). The economics of salvation: Toward a theory of exchange in Chinese Buddhism. Journal Of The American Academy Of Religion, 75(2), 354-382.


Walsh, Michael J. "The Economics of Salvation: Toward a Theory of Exchange in Chinese Buddhism." Journal Of The American Academy Of Religion 75, no. 2 (2005): 354-382.



Owen, S. (2008). The appropriation of Native American spirituality. New York:  Continuum.


Owen, Suzanne. The Appropriation of Native American Spirituality. Continuum Advances in Religious Studies. New York:  Continuum, 2008.


Secondary sources provide discussion and analysis of the topic. For the purposes of this assignment, these will include books from reputable academic publishers and articles from recognized peer reviewed academic journals.


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