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Finding articles from citations


You find a citation for a journal article without a pdf attached.

Sources:  library database, book, other journal article, professor's recommendation

How can you access it?

Step 1

Check to see if James White Library has access to the journal in another database.

Enter the title of the JOURNAL into

If the title finds too many titles, you will need to change the radio button in the top right to Journals, and repeat the search


YES  -- Fantastic !!  Enjoy

NO  --  Proceed to Step 2

Step 2

Paste ARTICLE TITLE within "quotation marks" in the search box


Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar is the academic part of Google. It includes links to books, articles, and other documents. Possible open access sources for your article not included in other databases include:

  • Author web pages

  • Institutional repositories

  • Publisher archives


YES  -- Fantastic !!  Enjoy

NO  --  Proceed to Step 3

Step 3

Complete the Interlibrary Loan Request Form.

We will request the article on your behalf from another library. They will scan the article and supply it using email. James White Library will send the article on to you using your Andrews University email account.

Normal Delivery -- less than one week