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Organizational Behavior: Plagiarism

Plagiarism at Andrews University

From the Academic Integrity section of the Undergraduate Catalog. 

We believe fairness, openness and intellectual honesty to be the keystones of our educational mission. We foster these qualities in all our endeavors and use all possible means to discourage dishonesty, in any form. All members of the Kettering community should report academic dishonesty to the appropriate faculty person, as well as to the Vice President of Student Life & Dean of Students. Academic dishonesty prohibited at Kettering includes, but is not limited to, the following forms: 

Intentionally using or attempting to use unauthorized materials, information, or study aids in any academic exercise.

Intentional and/or unauthorized falsification or invention of any information or citation in an academic exercise.

Facilitating Academic Dishonesty
Intentionally or knowingly helping or attempting to help another to engage in academic dishonesty in any form.

Intentionally or knowingly representing the words, ideas, or images of another as one's own in any academic exercise.