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Dissertations and Theses Research Guide: For AU Student Authors

Andrews University Digital Library includes dissertations and theses written for degrees from Andrews University

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The offer to make your dissertation or theses available open access is an invitation to participate in a global movement to enrich education while maximizing the impact of newly minted scholars. James White Library is happy to partner with you as your rich contribution to scholarship will "Change the World."

You are also invited to upload your dissertation into ProQuest Dissertations and Theses databases. Once you do so, Andrews Universtiy verifies the submission and it becomes available to subscribers of the database.

Embargos for providing public access to dissertations/theses are available upon request in writing and will be fully respected. Common reasons for embargos include a potential for a patent with economic promise, culturally sensitive issues, or other publication opportunities.

Copyright and Content Ownership

Having your work included in the Andrews University Digital Library is simply a "License to Display." You as author retain all copyrights and associated privileges. Your choice to display your work in this way is voluntary and non-binding. While the University does require paper copies for the Library and Archives, the digital copy is one more service by which we can highlight and enhance your scholarly impact.

Instructions for Submitting Digital Dissertations/Theses for James White Library

Upon completion and final approval of the dissertation: 

1. You will be provided a license agreement to review, (available in the top left Documents box on this web page), and if you agree with the terms for digitally displaying the dissertation/thesis in the library catalog, you are invited to sign it. You may also decline the offer, in which case, only paper archive copies will be provided to the library.

2. The signed agreement is received and  filed with your dissertation documents in the appropriate office (School of Graduate Studies or Doctor of Ministry Office)

3. The dissertation secretary forwards the final approved digital copy of the dissertation/thesis to the James White Library.

4. Library staff complete routine cataloguing and add a link to the digital copy of the dissertation/thesis. The library record will include the abstract to maximize findability.

You indicate your approval through signing the license agreement, and the rest is taken care of by Andrews University personnel.

Instructions for Submitting Digital Dissertations to UMI/Proquest

It is Andrews University’s policy for all students to publish their dissertation with ProQuest/UMI Dissertation Publishing. At present, UMI publishes more than 60,000 dissertations/theses each year. UMI’s recent policy allows our students to deliver their dissertation electronically at no charge to the student. Other advantages include:

  • Because the dissertation is delivered in digital format (rather than a paper copy), a superior product is produced; and digital documents retain their original appearance with color images and graphics, and crisp, clear text.
  • Online submissions are processed twice as fast as paper submissions.
  • Students log on, provide information, and upload their manuscript.
  • All instructions and guidance are a mouse-click away.
  • Students can pay all fees online (e. g., for personal copies or for registering the copyright) with a credit/debit card.

The URL for submitting your dissertation/thesis is:

Complete step-by-step instructions are available in the top left Documents box.

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