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Library Primer 2.0: LC Call Number

Finding Library Materials by LC Call Number

Each book or video in the library has its own address. This is known as its call number. James White Library uses the Library of Congress (LC) call number system. This means that most books or audiovisuals on similar topics are shelved together with the call number on the lower part of the book spine.

Here is a sample LC call number and how to find it.


Step 1 - The top row is shelved in alphabetical order. First find the P's then PN.
Step 2 - This row of numbers is filed in ascending order on the shelves.
Step 3 - The "Cutter" number is shelved in alphabetical and then in decimal order.
Step 4 - This number is the publication date. It is read in numerical order.

The location in the catalog record tells on which floor the item is kept. Also look for the status available so you can checkout the item.

Not all call numbers look just like this one. If you need help, ask a librarian for assistance.