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Library Resources for Rehabilitation Sciences: Off-campus Information

Requesting an Article

Off-campus students may request copies of articles not found in the Library’s online databases or freely available on the Web.

Complete and submit the following form, and a PDF of the article will be sent to your AU email.

Using the Library from Off Campus

As an Andrews University student or faculty member, you could be located anywhere - from a dorm room on campus, to a home or office across the state or across the world. While some of you may be free to access the services and resources of James White Library in person, a large number of you will choose to use the same services and resources from a distance, either as a matter of convenience or necessity. Wherever you are located, the James White Library (JWL) can provide services and resources to support and assist you with your research needs. As a registered student of Andrews University, you will have been given an Andrews University Username and Password. Once activated, these will enable you to search the Library's licensed online databases