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Information Literacy Resources for Faculty: Lesson Plans and Assigments

This guide includes videos, tutotrials, lesson plans, and more resources for faculty wishing to integrate information literacy more deeply into their courses.

Lesson Plans

  • Practical ways to recognize and fight fake news

             Lesson plan with 2 activities focusing on identifying fake news and placing sources on a spectrum of bias.

  • Information Lifecycle

            Teaches students to recognize  how information is produced and changed over time.

  • Transforming a failed search

            Teaches students to recognize issues with a search and change their terms to achieve better results.

  • Why we research: Using crime scene investigation as an analogy for scholarly inquiry

             Encourages students to see themselves as investigators when conducting research.

  • Information literacy and critical thinking

            Asks students to read framework for information literacy and apply it.

  • Evaluating Internet Sources: Climate Change

             A piece of a full lesson on evaluating internet resources by Christy Moran:




  • Scholarly Article Autopsy

            A worksheet with questions that encourages students to examine a scholarly article

  • The Un-research project

             Project that ask students to complete activities without using sources. This activity attempts to break the satisficing habit in students.

  • Appropriation in student writing

            This chapter includes 2 activities listed below. Scroll down to page 274 to see the assignments.

             - Reference mapping

             - academic writing as a conversation

  • The I-Search paper

            Asks students to reflect on their search and learning process during a research project