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Seminary Library Portal for Online and Extension Sites: Off Campus Services

Guidelines for Readers

  • This is an application for Tenure only. But I was instructed to reflect on my Full Professor experience. This caused some duplication of documents.
  • The documents are exposed in sequence from 1 to n in each of the Parts I, II, and III for the Full Professor Portfolio as well as for the Five Parts of the Tenure Portfolio.
  • It was not possible to recover several emails which I would have liked to use as part of the documentation due to the malware we were victims a few months ago.
  • The documentation presented does not represent the totality of my productivity. They are simply examples of projects, working in teams, contributions, services, etc.


Off-campus Services Librarian

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Silas Marques
Room 222, Main Floor, James White Library
(269) 471-6263