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Patron Services: Circulation Procedures

This guide helps you to find information about the various services and resources available at James White Library

Checking Out

To check out items, bring them to the Circulation Desk during the hours that the library is open along with your student ID.  In case you cannot find items on the shelves, please ask for help at the Circulation Desk.


To place a hold on an item already checked out, bring the title or call number to one of the following circulation desks:  Main Circulation Desk, Media Center desk, Architecture Resource Center Desk, or Music Materials Center desk. A hold will be placed for that item, and the person placing the hold will be notified when the item has been returned and is available for use. The item will be held at the appropriate Circulation Desk for pick up.

You may also place a hold via your library account on the library web page.  To do this click MyLibraryAccount.

Holds may also be placed on books on the NEW BOOKS shelves. Fill out the pink hold slip that is available there and place it in the desired book. When the book is ready for circulation, a notice will be sent to you.

Holds generally do not shorten the loan period except for items that have been out longer than 3 weeks.


You may renew your items online before or on the due date at any of the following Circulation Desks: main Circulation Desk, Architecture Resource Center desk, Media Center desk, or Music Materials Center desk, or by phone (471-3267).  For online renewal, log into your account  via MyLibraryAccount,  click on the “Checked out Items” tab. Highlight the item or items that you wish to renew. Then click the “Renew” button to extend the loan period of the item. A message should confirm that your items have been renewed.

You could also renew your items over the phone or at the Circulation Desk. But videos and youth reserve materials are only renewed in person.

Recalls and Notices

Recalls for items which are in circulation may be issued as a result of a hold being placed. Different types of items in the library have a minimum amount of time during which they cannot be recalled, for example; it’s 3 weeks for books in general circulation. After that time has passed, any item can be recalled from any patron. A fine of $1 per day is levied against those who do not bring the items back during the specified time period.


When the items you borrowed are due, you may return them to the Circulation Desk during library opening hours, or return them to the drop box at the left corner of the library building as you enter the library.

Lost Material

If an item is lost, or not returned within 21 days after the due date, the patron will be charged a replacement cost of $120 or more.  Alternatively, a patron may purchase a replacement copy that is the same edition or latest plus a $20 processing fee.


Unpaid Fines

Any unpaid fines that is $20.00 or more may result in a block being placed on the student’s account.  Such may result in grades being withheld, official transcripts not issued, or graduation forfeited. Fines may be paid at the Circulation Desk with cash.