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Critical Thinking: Culture and Citizenship

Learn how to think critically using videos, tutorials and more

Civic Action, Engagement, and Cultural Issues

1. Video: Introduction to Civic Action: Effective communication is a key part of successful civic action.Use this video to introduce students to the fundamental role communication plays in the stages of planning, implementing, an discussing civic action.

2. Video: Introduction to Civic Engagement: Part of being a responsible, informed citizen is engaging with the goals and challenge of the community. Use this video to help students begin reflecting on ways they ave been (or could be) involved with civic issues in their community.

3. Video: Global Citizenship: This video will introduce students to their roles as global citizens by encouraging them to think critically about their daily actions in a global context.

4. Video: Introduction to Cultural Issues: Understanding their own cultural identity is the first step for students to develop empathy for others from different backgrounds. use this video to encourage students to consider how their identity is affected by culture and world events.

Culture and Citizenship

Informed citizen is engaging with the goals and challenges of the community and to become global citizens one needs to think critically. This module will help students understand how their identity is affected by culture and world events.