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Critical Thinking: Using Critical Thinking and Logic

Learn how to think critically using videos, tutorials and more

Using Critical Thinking and Logic

1. Video: Evidenced Based Reasoning - Use this video to introduce students to the importance of supporting research conclusions with evidence. Students will also learn how to asses their research question in order to locate the appropriate supporting evidence.

2. Video: Inquiry - Use this video to introduce students to the value of using an inquiry-based mindset. Students will learn how to use inquiry to ask questions and solve problems thoughtfully and effectively.

3. Video: Importance of Logical Reasoning - Importance of Logical Reasoning - Logical reasoning is central to effective problem solving and decision making Use tis video to help students identify instances of logical and illogical reasoning they may encounter in their daily lives..

4. Video: Introduction to Analysis - The video will demonstrate o students how analyzing information about a problem and synthesizing their research findings he most effective way to reach a solution based on solid evidence.

5. Video: Why Thinking Matters - Being aware of the critical thinking process will help students develop strong decision making skills. Use this video to encourage students to develop w=awareness of their own critical thinking habits.

6. Video: Synthesis - Use this video to encourage students to practice synthesis. This video will demonstrate th value of putting together information from amy different sources to form new ideas and conclusions.