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Critical Thinking: Research and Source Evaluation Strategies

Learn how to think critically using videos, tutorials and more

Researh and Source Evaluation Strategies

1. Video: Creating a Research Plan - Information overload can be a major roadblock in the research process. This video will help students conceptualize a research pathway and consider solutions to common research challenges.

2. Video: Framing a Problem - If your students are having trouble formulating a research question for assignments, start with this video to help students begin framing a problem. Students will learn the importance of asking open-ended questions and how to approach research as a process.

3. Video: Identifying Search Strategies - Most students are familiar with search engines such as Google, but it's important they move beyond using  single search tool. In this video, students will learn how to identify familiar research tools and additional resources to use in their search process.

4. Video: Purpose and Value of Evidence - Use this video to demonstrate the importance of evidence in scholarship. Students will learn the purpose of evidence and become aware of how using evidence adds value to their work.

5. Video: Types of Resources - Help your students get started with a research assignment using this video in which students will  become familiar with resources such as databases available to them through the library. Students will also be introduced to tips for selecting the most appropriate resources for their research.

6. Video: Bias and Assumption - In order to be successful in their academic careers, students must be able to evaluate sources for objectivity.This video will introduce students to techniques for identifying and analyzing bias in sources they may encounter during their research.