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Critical Thinking: Writing and Communication

Learn how to think critically using videos, tutorials and more

Writing and Communication

1. Video: Why Teamwork Matters - Teamwork is essential to members of organizations when creating products, spreading ideas, and producing outcomes. Use this video to help students think about the application of teamwork in their academic and personal life.

2. Video: Academic Writing - This video will encourage students to think about their role as academic writers. Students will also learn about the importance of background research and considering multiple perspectives when joining the scholarly conversation.

3. Video: Preparing for a Presentation - In this video, students will learn how o identify presentation skills in everyday experiences, examine questions to ask before preparing presentation content, and review strategies for structuring an effective presentation.

4. Video: Understanding the Communication Need - Use this video to help students analyze the purpose of communication methods. Students will be introduced to the advantages and disadvantages of each in order to choose the vest type for a given situation.

5. Video: Written Communication - This video will walk students through the key steps of effective communication. Stuents will learn how to consider their communications' purpose, audiene, and content or topic.