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Critical Thinking: Visual and Quantitative Literacy

Learn how to think critically using videos, tutorials and more

Visual an Quantitative Literacy

1. Video: Why Does Visual Literacy Matters - This video will introduce students to the role visual materials pay in their daily lives and the skills they will need to communicate quickly and universally using images and media.

2. Video: Interpreting Images - Interpreting visual information is a critical skill students will use beyond their academic careers. Use this video to encourage students to ask questions and consider context when interpreting visuals.

3. Video: Searching for Images - To be an effective communicator using visual information, students first need tod evelop the skills necessary for locating images.  Use this video to introduce students to strategies for locating images and get familiar with image databases or subjet-specific collections accessible through the library.

4. Video: Using Quantitative Data - Use this video to help students incorporate quantitative ata in their research and evaluate available sources for currency accuracy, authority, relevance, and objectivity.

5. Video: Evaluating Statistics - Statistics are widely used to support arguments and positions. Use this video to encourage students to think critically bout how th statistics thy encounter were crated and used to convey information.